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Why Choose Lone Tree Cemetery

Lone Tree Cemetery Association is a nonsectarian cemetery not-for-profit, serving all faiths and individuals. We take pride in that our guests reflect the diversity of our community.

Other cemeteries near Lone Tree are for-profit, publicly traded companies headquartered outside California. They report to their shareholders. Our Board of Trustees and Directors are local business people who are pillars of our community.

At Lone Tree, we return our profits to the cemetery’s ongoing maintenance, development, and operational costs. That is one of the reasons why Lone Tree Cemetery has more of a park-like feel.

Our cemetery boasts 45 acres of meticulously groomed landscape with amazing San Francisco Bay panoramic views. It is common to see people at the cemetery reading, walking, running, walking their dogs, or stretching.

Lone Tree Cemetery is a place of reflection and contemplation. Creating a memorable experience for the families we serve is a privilege.

Whether you are looking for a traditional service or something unique or progressive, we are here to help you.

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