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Lone Tree Association is pleased to present this year’s first Movie of Remembrance, “The Lion King.” The movie will be shown Friday, July 15th, 2022 at 8:30pm, in the William D. Hayward Amphitheater. Unlike the drive in movies we offered in the past, this year we are using our amphitheater for this event. Bring blankets to sit on or snuggle with, and perhaps a low back beach chair to put over the benches.

This is a FREE cinematic event intended on connecting our community through a unique, family style experience, making people feel more at ease when they visit Lone Tree

“The Lion King” is a children’s movie that teaches us about the grieving process and the ‘circle of life’. It deals with the emotional response to the death of a parent,
the avoidance of grief and the lessons learned on the journey to becoming a king. It has some especially mature themes presented through amazing animation and music that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

The Golden Gate Young Marines will be selling snacks and drinks, and all proceeds from the sales go directly to the Young Marines.

We want to embrace the diversity of our community by offering this event. We respect everyone’s opinion and understand that people celebrate life differently; some enjoy
contemporary events, while others may prefer more somber reflection.

If this event is something that you think you would enjoy, please come join us.